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Redefining Productivity: The Impact of Acquired Disabilities

Image focuses on hands filling in a smaller planner with several other planning devices on the desk in front of them.
Keeping up with ALL of life's demands

Life has a funny way of dropping life lessons right into our laps when we least expect it. Picture this: just a week ago, I was knee-deep in the daily hustle of "regular" work and life. We're talking 8 hour stretch of content creation, cooking, cleaning, self-care: The works! And it left me feeling like I was about to hit a brick wall called burnout. And f*ck, did I! It really knocked some sense into me. The stark realization that, even though I was fervently throwing myself into work as I had always done, a major disability had joined my life's cast two years back.

Despite the passage of time, this was an epiphany. One of those Sodom and Gamora ones where everything was going up in flames (including my muscles!) A not-so-subtle reminder that it was high time to have a heart-to-heart with 'productivity.'

So, let's dive into the juicy bits – the key takeaways that I've unearthed from this revelation. If we're going to have a full life with Motor Neuron Disease, we need to challenge the notions of productivity and shed some light on the real MVPs: quality, self-care, and accessibility.

Quality Over Quantity

💡 So, here's the deal: it's not about how much you do; it's about how well you do it. It's about infusing your work with heart and soul, adding that unique twist, and letting your creativity shine. It's about crafting something you're genuinely proud of. Whether it's a piece of art or a novel, the focus should be on making something that not only resonates with the world but also with your inner artist.

In a world where we often feel pressured to churn out task after task like a machine, it's time we take a step back. It's not about how much you can tick off your to-do list; it's about the passion and creativity you pour into your work that makes you stand out. True productivity isn't about robotic efficiency; it's about creating something that has your unique signature all over it. It has to have soul!

An artist works furiously before a large canvas with a dynamic painting of many chaotic colours that takes up the entire frame!
Put soul into it!

Prioritizing Self-Care and Well-being

🌻 Okay, let's chat about self-care – it's not a fancy luxury; it's an essential. Taking care of yourself is not just about having a spa day; it's about nurturing a positive mindset that empowers you to tackle life's hurdles. I'm talking about those 'shiny happy munchkins holding hands' moments. Your well-being is the yellow brick road to a truly productive and fulfilling life.

In our fast-paced lives, we tend to put self-care on the back burner. Here's a cold reality check for people with Chronic Illness and Disability. Self-care isn't a frivolous extra; it's the key to maintaining a positive mindset that significantly affects your overall health and how you tackle life's challenges. When you nurture your well-being, you're equipping yourself with the energy and positivity you need to conquer life. Sometimes that means challenging the ableist concept of "being lazy" and getting right royally comfortable with NOT doing 'the thing'.

The Importance of Accessibility and Support

🌐 Accessibility, support, and healthcare are not just nice-to-haves; they're basic needs that everyone should have. When you're equipped with these fundamental tools, you're in the best position to chase anything your heart desires (especially a decent nights sleep!). Accessibility gives you the means to pursue your passions, while support and healthcare are the safety nets that catch you when disability throws a wobbler.

We should all have access to the tools and resources that help us live our best lives. Whether it's physical accessibility, the support of loved ones, or access to healthcare, these are the building blocks of productivity and personal fulfillment. It's time to acknowledge and address these fundamental needs, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Productivity to some means a faster internet connection, a new amazing ball-point, 3 meetings in one day instead of 5. Mine is an ergonomic cushion, a bed table, and ready access to a bathroom within 3 feet of wherever I'm sitting.

Embrace Positivity and Prioritize Welfare

In a nutshell, this revelation has lit a spark in me. To redefine our take on productivity, we need to embrace the power of positivity, prioritize the quality of our work, nurture our well-being, and never forget the importance of those basic needs AS THE DISABLED WOMAN I AM. Not the Abled world that I'm in. We are allowed to cultivate a resilient and healthy mindset even if the tools and approaches look different!

My motor neurons have an unwavering determination to limit my body, I think I can channel that obstinacy into maintaining a head-strong, healthy mindset that propels me forward.

Shake up your perspective on productivity, and reignite your passion for life. We must not forget to savor the journey, prioritize our well-being, and ensure that you have the unique tools and support you need to thrive!

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