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Why You Need The Legend Pro Planner

The Legend Pro Planner is the best thing since crocs became ironically fashionable. If you're disabled, neurodivergent, or have mental health issues, any planner is a must-have. But The Legend Pro Planner is goal-orientated and helps you stay organised and on track. Plus, it's super pretty and comes in handy when you're feeling forgetful or have brain fog. Hence why I have invested in one every year for the last 3 years! Trust me, you need this planner in your life!

1. The Legend Pro Planner is the best way to increase motivation and productivity centered around your own goals!

If you want to kickstart your motivation and productivity, the Legend Pro Planner is the perfect tool. It's the ultimate guide for mapping out your goals, identify where you are now and where you want to be in three months. You'll also benefit from the weekly planning pages with multiple check boxes so that you can monitor your progress. That coupled with motivating stickers, helps keep you inspired! You can take a glance back at how far you have come and how far you can still go! Plus, their insightful prompts help remind you to reflect on your life routine, regular obsticles and motivations, allowing for a greater sense of accomplishment that only propels further success along your journey.

2. The planner has a robust design and is made with high quality materials!

One of my favourite planners has a metallic, embossed design and comes in a variety of vibrant colours. Not only is it like a hardcover book but the pages are thick enough to accommodate even the most ambitious crafters, multi-media enthusiasts or chaotic journallers. Plus, for those who prefer the pared back approach to organisation, there's a simple minimalist layout (to splatter with paint/glue/glitter/that swatch you found in the DIY store). The planner also includes three ribbon bookmarks which means I have no problem navigating between all those neat little pages. And best of all, even though I've had my older copies for years, they still look brand-bloody-new!

3. The planner is undated and minimalist so you can start using it at any time in your own style

If you lose a week to neurodivergent mayhem or become overfaced with any of your planning, there is no pressure in this planner because it is completely undated. You simply turn the page and commit to a new kind of constructive chaos with new goals even if it's a whole month later. And, if you feel an impending sense of doom when subjected to societal "starting" times (New Year; New Me, Easter, the existence of February), there isn't a single dated calendar in this planner. Not a one!

4. The Legend Pro Planner has yearly, 3-monthly, and weekly goal sections so you can set the pace of your achievement

The Legend Pro Planner was pretty much made for success-craving control goblins out there who need to remind themselves of their goals and observe their process towards achieving them. It's got clear starting and finishing points which makes it easier to envision your progress, split into life areas like "friends and family", "health and fitness", and "quality of life". There's also whole pages dedicated to manifesting your vision of you based on your own abilities, so you can stay on track with in the yearly, 3-monthly, or weekly goal sections -depending on the pace that best suits you. So why not take advantage of these thoughtfully crafted tools and give yourself something to work towards?

5. It prompts you to reflect on your own obstacles, passions and desires so you can identify the life you want

Reflecting on life as a whole is a fractured maze of an exam with seemingly more edges, corners, and crushing dead ends than successful paths. With this planner, you don’t have to feel lost and unable to tell whether you should turn left or right. The planner isn’t arbitraty dates mapped out onto paper for everyone else in the world. It prompts you to actually pay attention to yourself; there’s even a specific section at the beginning of the planner for you to throw your current knowledge and experience around! You can write up your current passions, difficulties that hinder you from achieving what you want, desires – even a miniture burn book to note those people who throw lemons at you - , and goals too! It’s the perfect tool for everyone who wants to take control of their lives and set themselves up for success. Reflecting on your present can really help frame what our future may bring down the line.

The Legend Pro Planner may sound like your neighbourhood-Spiderman planner. But it's more than that: It encourages motivation, productivity and positive changes to cultivate a better you. By using this planner, it will guide you to reflect on yourself, identify the life that you want and reach the goals that will help you forge an optimal life. With its hard-back design and high quality materials, this super pretty, souped up notebook lasts, so those you can act on those bursts of inspiration in the middle of the night, or reflect on moments that need contemplation and reassurance FROM INSIDE YOUR OWN HEAD. Whether it’s work or personal goals, the undated minimalist approach allows for setting your own puzzle pieces for success at any time with all the sections and prompts. So if you’re looking for the ideal life organiser – one with ease of use combined with enough space to express yourself – then why don’t take a moment out of your routine and purchase this planner from my Amazon Affiliate Link.

This is absolutely not an ad (though I do get a sneaky monetary boost if you buy through my affiliate link).

Check out my Instagram to see how I've used mine!

This is absolutely not an ad (though I do get a sneaky monetary boost if you buy through my affiliate link). I have bought and used one of these bad-boys every year for 3 years!

Check out my Instagram to see how I use mine!

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